Our clients often require existing property site inspections to be prepared by an engineering firm as a condition of financing or re-financing a property. These inspections are a preliminary review to identify problems and general costs. United Consulting is very familiar with the International Building Code (IBC) and Special Inspections as we are an approved agency as defined in Section 1703, and through American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia (ACEC/GA). 

Property or site inspections are often required as a condition of financing or refinancing a property. A property condition report by an engineering firm is used to identify problems and to estimate the cost for repairs and upgrades.

United Consulting offers the following Property Inspection Services:

  • Property Condition Surveys
  • IBC Special Inspection Services
  • Construction Loan Services

Our clients often require existing property site inspections be prepared by an engineering firm as a condition of financing or re-financing a property. The inspections are preliminary reviews to identify problems and general costs. United Consulting has the experience and capability to perform these inspections.

United Consulting’s Property Condition Survey services include:

  • Reviewing available relevant drawings, specifications and records for the property
  • Interviewing property managers and/or maintenance personnel
  • Inspecting property to visually survey the following areas:
    • Site Work
    • Pavements
    • Structure and Foundation
    • Exterior Walls and Windows
    • Roofing
    • Interiors
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Fire Protection
  • ADA compliance reviews
  • Preparing cost estimates for recommended repairs
  • Preparing replacement reserve analysis for major components which require replacement over a five year period
  • Preparing written reports including project information, results of observations, photographs, recommended repairs and the need for further investigations. Also included will be appropriate photographs, cost estimates and reserve analysis
  • Surveys are conducted in accordance with ASTM E2018
  • Physical Needs Assessments for Georgia DCA are conducted in accordance with DCA requirements

United Consulting provides Special Inspections in accordance to Chapter 17 of the International Building Code in the following areas:

  • Soils
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Wood
  • Deep Foundations
  • Sprayed Fire Resistant Material
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Seismic Resistance

Please visit the International Code Council site to find out more.

In addition to existing property services, United Consulting offers construction loan services to banks and other lending institutions.

  • Review of drawings, specifications, and technical reports to verify adequacy.
  • Review of preparation of construction cost estimates and construction schedule to verify project can be completed within established budget and time constraints. Our database includes cost and schedule information on various types of projects for comparative purposes.
  • Review of construction contracts.
  • Review of performance and payment bonds.
  • Construction funding supervision including project inspections. Observation to include quality of work, percent complete, conformance with plans and specifications, deviations from original budget and schedule, and recommendations regarding monthly contractor draw requests.
  • Our reports typically include an "S Curve" which indicates actual progress versus planned progress. This provides our clients a graphic management tool to quickly assess the project progress.
  • Review of change orders for impact on the project cost and schedule.
  • Review of project closeout documents including as-built drawings, warranties, and maintenance manuals.